Ask the Toastmaster

Why should I consider having a Toastmaster?

You want your wedding day to be perfect. You will employ a professional photographer, cake maker, musicians and so forth because you want to leave nothing to chance. But for all this to run smoothly, who will coordinate the day for you? Who will greet your guests, take care of cards and gifts? Who will tell the kitchen that the photographer is running late and delaying proceedings? Who will manage the Receiving Line and ensure your guests are seated at the right time? Who will ensure everyone knows when it is their turn to speak? Who will introduce them, and make them feel comfortable? Who will know where the Bridesmaids’ gifts have been hidden? Who will inform the photographer that the cake is being cut, to get the best shot? Who will make sure the band know when you want to start dancing, and that the video recordist is on hand to capture the First Dance?

To be honest, there is nothing the toastmaster does that could not be done by a combination of other parties (best man, bride’s father, ushers…). Is a Toastmaster a must? No. But… The obvious visual impact of your Toastmaster in full traditional regalia, complete with red tailcoat and white gloves, gives your guests, venue staff and other agents a reassuring point of reference. His or her friendly calming manner immediately puts you and your guests at ease. Your relatives, friends and guests do not have to run around working for you but can relax, share and simply enjoy your special occasion.

Announcements and introductions are made as formally or informally as the occasion requires; and are made with accuracy, brevity and clarity appropriate to the event. Everyone involved is made to feel special and comfortable.

So is a Toastmaster essential? No.

Will a Toastmaster make all the difference to your Wedding day? You decide!

Isn't it the Best Man's Job?

To most people attending a Wedding the only visible signs of a Toastmaster’s presence are the relatively few announcements made. However this concept of a Toastmaster is completely misleading. Ninety percent of a Toastmaster’s activity is never seen by the majority of people attending a function. The careful planning beforehand, and discreet and unobtrusive attention to detail and close liaison throughout the day, ensures that it flows, apparently quite effortlessly, to a successful conclusion.

A Toastmaster is, in fact, an expert in procedure and etiquette, professionally trained and qualified, with the combination of tact, diplomacy and management skills necessary for the smooth running of events that will often involve large numbers of people.

The Best Man however is there because he is the Bridegroom’s best friend; the Bridegroom has honoured him by inviting him to fulfil this role and wants him fully to participate in and enjoy the big day. He has probably not been chosen because of his organisational skills or his experience in looking after the needs of the wedding party and the guests, or his knowledge and experience of the hospitality business!

He is a friend; treat him as one by not burdening him with the responsibility of ensuring the smooth running of the big day.

What will The Lady Toastmaster do for me?

Jane liaises with the venue staff and any other suppliers involved, utilising her organisational skills, ensuring everything happens when it should. She supports and encourages all those with a part to play in the proceedings, instilling confidence and providing a calming influence. Having Jane as your Toastmaster means that your event should run smoothly and to time; you and your guests can relax and enjoy your event, without stress or worry. Also, you are assured of that extra touch of style, making your day truly memorable.

Specifically, Jane will take part in the planning process in advance of your Wedding to offer advice on protocol and etiquette, on the content and delivery of speeches, and to provide hints and tips and agree the plan of the day with you.

On the day you can expect Jane to arrive at the venue early for a thorough check of all arrangements; she will liaise with staff, florists, DJ, photography and video teams to ensure all is prepared, and will continue to do so throughout the day, reworking the plan in the face of any unexpected occurrences. She will greet and direct the Bridal Party and guests on arrival; take care of cards and gifts; arrange the Receiving Line and introduce guests; announce the Wedding Breakfast and lead in the Bride and Groom. She will announce the speeches, toasts and other ceremonies such as the Cutting of the Cake, as and when required; conclude the formalities of the Wedding Breakfast and announce the First Dance. Throughout the day she will keep a watchful eye and deal discreetly with any matters that may require attention.

She also carries emergency supplies of headache and indigestion tablets, safety pins, hair grips, plasters and other essentials to smooth over the inevitable upsets of the day….

"It is a common fallacy that the Professional Toastmaster only represents pomp and formality; in fact we are simply there to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible and that your wedding day is the most happily memorable day of your life!"


Thank you so much for being part of our Special Day it made it all the better having your professional services and we had many lovely comments from our Guests about how fantastic they thought you were. ...

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